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    Address Bedrooms Baths Price
Front door 103 N. Foley - Freeport21$525/Month
front of building 105 N. Foley - Freeport21$525/Month
front door 1203 S. Galena - Freeport32$610/Month
front of building - this apartment is upper left 225 1/2 W. Pleasant Street - Freeport31$475/Month
front of building 227 W. Pleasant Street - Freeport31$475/Month
Front of building 23 W. Washington - Freeport11$510/Month
front of building - this unit is on the right side 502 S. Walnut (Water/Garbage included!) - Freeport32$450/Month
front of building 772 W. Lincoln Blvd. - Freeport31$620/Month
front of duplex 812 W. Stephenson - Freeport31.5$625/Month